Focus? You hardly even know us

From all my research prior to launching this baby, one thing seemed perfectly clear to me.  Evidently all — or almost all — professional, read money-making, bloggers have a focus.  Well, suffice it to say that I don’t, not yet anyway.  Perhaps the thrust will spring forth from my writing; however, for the time be-ing, I shall just meander along the blogosphere with no particular direction or intent and see where I go from here.  Therefore, the title of my blog “Caution:  muse crossing”, so please don’t say you weren’t warned.


4 responses to “Focus? You hardly even know us

  1. Bay Finn Girl

    If making someone laugh is considered a focus, I think you’re there!

  2. canadianchristine

    I hadn’t looked at it that way; thanks, Bay Finn Girl and thanks for being my first commentor.

  3. CanadianChristine,

    Good for you; all this push to know everything before you set out on a journey just doesn’t make any real sense to me.

    I will be curious to see which compass readings you tend to go back towards in your meanderings.


  4. T.U. for your comment, Simply Tim; much appreciated. You sound a lot wiser than me, but where do these feelings of inadequacy come from anyway?!
    Hope you stay tuned.

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