One day older than Canada

Happy birthday to my new blog “Caution muse crossing”. I am one day older than Canada whose birthday is celebrated tomorrow, July 1st.This blog project has been ruminating for quite some time, too long really, so being the French-Canadian frog that I am, I finally took the leap.


6 responses to “One day older than Canada

  1. Bay Finn Girl

    And….I love the name of your new blog….very clever and a”muse”ing!

  2. canadianchristine

    I’m glad you do; I only stayed awake three hours thinking of a title at 3:00 a.m. to only come up with an-other when the inspiration hit me. Hopefully Search Engine Op will like it too.

  3. where do you live now madame la québécoise?

    J’habite Melbourne cela fait déjà plus de six ans.

  4. i loveee poooo

  5. annette shaff

    That’s my photo of the frog kitten…I guess I will act flattered.

  6. Annette, I thought we were allowed to use pictures from istockphoto and I trust you are flattered b/c it is a lovely picture.

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