“God and the chocolate ice cream”

So many of us seem to be looking for meaning in our lives. This might not be exactly how we describe it to ourselves but it’s something like that. However, there appears to be a deep rooted and often subconscious belief within many of us, that questions whether ‘spiritual wealth’ can really live alongside material wealth.

Can a life of contribution really live comfortably alongside materialism.

Can ‘god’ really live alongside chocolate ice cream?”

What belief do you really hold about this? It is kind of important, very important.


4 responses to ““God and the chocolate ice cream”

  1. I thought chocolate ice cream WAS god.

    Yes, I most emphatically do think that both can and do co-exist. I live in a world that is increasingly unified between the “sacred” and the “profane.” Why is it that the two are continually split?

  2. canadianchristine

    God/Goddess, same thing right, Pamm?

  3. Spiritual wealth can live alongside the material wealth. In fact, material wealth can enhance the spiritual wealth, because it can make life easier and as a result of that one can have more time to take care of it’s spiritual side.

    In the end it’s all a matter of choice.

  4. canadianchristine

    Thank you for dropping by, Armand; much appreciated.

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