Bartender, there’s cucumber in my gin


How odd am i?

She clicked her tongue and shook her bum
and said how odd am I

I like chartreuse, I don’t chew gum
and I tell jokes to the sky

But still I fall in love, I dream at night
and I like a good time — wink, wink

Yet still, I’d rather be odd than right
which is why Hendrick’s is the gin that I drink.



2 responses to “Bartender, there’s cucumber in my gin

  1. Hey to you, new FB friend – my first visit, so I’ll say: It might be true that you can’t sing or hanle a guitar, but for sure you can play on many strings!

  2. Hello FB Viking, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I shall take your comment as a compliment — I think and accept same graciously.

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