Just what we need in our toothpaste — bacteria and antifreeze


Neem Active Toothpaste contains high levels of bacteria, not safe for use

Aug. 24, 2007

Provided by: Canadian Press

TORONTO (CP) – Health Canada is warning that a toothpaste from India that was earlier discovered to contain a chemical found in antifreeze also contains high levels of harmful bacteria.

The department is warning that Neem Active Toothpaste with Calcium, made by Calcutta Chemical Co. Ltd. in India, should not be used.

It says ingesting the product could trigger fever, urinary tract infections and gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

The warning notes that while toothpaste isn’t meant to be swallowed, young children often do so while brushing their teeth.

Children and people with weakened immune systems would be at the highest risk of negative side-effects from using the toothpaste.

Health Canada notes that Neem Active Toothpaste isn’t approved for sale in Canada.

Late last month Health Canada warned Canadians not to use the toothpaste because it had been found to contain unacceptable levels of diethylene glycol or DEG, a product used in the making of antifreeze.


4 responses to “Just what we need in our toothpaste — bacteria and antifreeze

  1. Yuck! Hope the Crest I bought today is a bit better than that…

    Have a good day!

  2. Me too, Bob. Thank you for your visit. Come back soon.

  3. Is there bacteria in toothpaste?

  4. I read your blog for quite a long time and must tell that your posts are always valuable to readers.

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