Go back to your telescope, Galileo


Mars Close to Earth Email

Is it true? Not only is this not true for this year, at least part of it is not true ever.

“Mars will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye.”

If Mars ever looked as large as the moon, everyone on Earth would probably die very soon. Now, for the rest of the email, as David Emory, the Urban Legends Guide, puts it, “I labeled this rumor ‘true’ when it first began circulating in the summer of 2003, ‘outdated’ when it went around again in 2005, and just plain ‘false’ when it appeared for the third time earlier this month.”

David is right, the record approach happened in 2003 when Mars Closest To Earth in 50,000 Years. Also, Mars was pretty close last year during the Close Approach of Mars in 2005.

Earth is currently chasing Mars around the sun. The next time we “lap” it and get pretty close to Mars (when Mars is in opposition) is around December 17, 2007.

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