Reflections on September 11th before the date became 9/11


Once upon a time September 11th was just the day that came after September 10th and before September 12th. No more, no less. An ordinary late summer day — in the Northern Hemisphere anyway.

As a child in grade school I remember it as the time in school when the teacher would ask us to write the proverbial composition: “What I did on my summer vacation.” That was a toughie if you hadn’t gone to camp like the majority of your classmates, but I could always talk about my days at my Dad’s ranch in the Laurentians. Beat that, girls.

September 11th was usually the beginning of the second week in High School. We’d definitely be out of our white shoes then and into something basic brown or black.

Oh for the good old days.

Then on 9/11, everything changed. We all changed.

There is a palatable chill in the air as the anniversary of that colossal day approaches.

God bless us each and every one.


4 responses to “Reflections on September 11th before the date became 9/11

  1. I do agree. Even if living in Norway but as married to an American, our thoughts go to our family every year at that day!

  2. For about 20 years I was sad I had lost a foto of mine taken in NY showing WTC behind me.

    After 9/11 stopped to be sad about it and the famus twins vanished.

    So, the cold of January 2005 I decided to get up early in the morning, have a strong breakfast at the Starbucks near Madison Sq. Grdn (7th Ave. right accross Penn Hotel),at around 7.30am, take a cab to ground zero and have someone take a foto of me with the empty space behind.

    With these thought I was sitting by the glass window of Starbucks eating a wholewheat sandwich with ham and greens and drinking a large capuccino with plenty of brown sugar in it, watching the people going to their jobs, dressed well for the chill wind of that morning and the extreme temperature below zero ( 26 degrees Celsius below zero ).

    A young girl looked at me as she was walking outside and lowered the speed of her walk. She wouldn’t be more than 13-14 y.o.

    Suddenly she turned back and came into the shop. Stood beside me and asked me: Why you look at me? she said…

    Oh, sorry miss, I wasn’t looking at you, I was lost with my thoughts..I said.

    Then she said: I am lost too after I lost both of my parents on 9/11…and now I am working in a nearby cafe washing dishes in the kitchen.
    And she left.

    I was shocked. My days in the war fields came back, people in despare, people dead or ready to be dead…

    Left the rest of my breakfast, went outside in the cold of fashion avenue for a smoke. Walked all the way to Jacob Javits convention centre, saw my pass to the security and walked to my booth. I remembered I had brought expensive chocolates from Greece to give to people who were passing by my booth during the three-day luxury exhibition.

    During the following 8 hours or so I was trying to see that girl again through the thousands passing by my booth, offering to all young ones & children chocolates… Now I was sure that what was now missing from New York was not just two famus buildings. Love had almost vanished…

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  4. Is that a new way? Are you tuned in to my wealthy window Wanna joke?) What did one rabbit say to the other rabbit? Nothing. Rabbits can’t talk.

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