One of the world’s healthiest drinks


Milk comes in all varieties: whole, 2%, skim, chocolate, strawberry. There’s soy milk, rice milk, and even goat milk – but there’s a new drink making the rounds in Russia that we bet you’ve never tasted before: moose milk.As far as health benefits go, moose milk has a big lead on the stuff you pour into your cereal every morning. It’s much higher in fat and protein than cow milk, and researchers claim that a daily dose of the drink can help prevent gastroenterological diseases and many other health problems.

Unfortunately, the milking process is a little more complicated than you might imagine – moose aren’t exactly the most docile of creatures, and potential milkmaids would often end up with concussions when they got too close.

But Russian farmers have finally worked out a way to tame the mighty moose: by covering themselves with the scent of moose calves, the farmers can trick the adult moose into thinking she’s nursing her young.

The super-nutritious drink is becoming popular in Russia, particularly among sick people looking to boost their immunity to diseases. It doesn’t seem as if any other countries have caught on to the moose-milking technique yet, but we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before we can buy a quart of moose milk at our local Whole Foods.

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4 responses to “One of the world’s healthiest drinks

  1. But what does it taste like?

  2. Search me, Bay Finn Girl. Maybe awesome wicked?

  3. Wow – what a great post

    That’s Good Advice Christine…


  4. Glad you liked it Ali 🙂 T.U. for your feeback; much appreciated.

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