Don’t Mess with Mama Bear

Three men had been fishing in the woods. When they got back to their car, they saw that it was surrounded by three bears. One of the men decided to take charge of the situation. He concluded the best thing to do was anger the bears. That way, they would leave, and the men could get to the car.

“Joe,” he said, “You take the little cub on the left with the broken leg. I’ll take the other cub with the injured paw and one eye. Bill, you take the one in the middle, the mama bear.”

Bill looked at the huge mama bear. “Wait a minute,” he said. “That’s not fair. You get the little cubs, and I have to deal with a full-grown grizzly bear.”

“Now, now, Bill,” was the reply. “We all have our bears to cross.”


One response to “Don’t Mess with Mama Bear

  1. THANKS FOR STARTING THE DAY WITH A LAUGH! The brain research is out and even bears benefit from fun! I’d still take the cub still though — in case they don’t know that fact:-).

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