10-4 Good Buddy

10-4 Good Buddy
“What is the thing the Creator never saw, that kings see but seldom, and that I see every day?” The Creator never saw another the same as his self, kings are scarce and see each other seldom, but see my own kind every day — other foll like myself.” ~Scots Gaelic riddle

Call me caterpillar. Why you ask? Well, if you choose to read to the end, you’ll catch my drift, I think.

Today seems like an appropriate date to start blogging again. It is also the Jewish New Year, so time to start something new. I had taken quite the sabbatical from posting and not quite sure why. At the beginning, I had my personal blog (www.christinelacombepuscer.blogspot.com) which I entitled My Five Sometimes Sixth Sense. Then two years ago to this day I decided to start this blog with the thought this blog could be labelled humour. But now I want to open it up without being confined by that tag. Oh, I know, they all say find your niche. What is it that your passionate about? Write about that. But guess what? I’m passionate — period. Passionate about people and passionate about life generally. And since statistically I have x days left in mine, I thought I’d better get cracking writing. So I can’t really tell you what you’re going to find here. But of course I hope you’ll stop in from time to time for a visit and leave me a comment or two if you’re so inclined.

I really wish I was talented like my friend George who is a musician, or Kathy who is a painter, or Gina who is a shiatsu maverick. But hey, I’m me and maybe, just maybe, my talent lies in writing.

Caterpillar today who one day just might morph into a butterfly.


4 responses to “10-4 Good Buddy

  1. I am sure you have your talent lady 🙂 Being a writer is a cool ambition, I am sure you will rock at it 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Ern. And you know what, I am doing it cuz I love it. I don’t care about making money. Oh yeah, that would be nice, but what’s important for me is to tell it like it is. I am in tears at your response; thank you again, sweetness.

  2. One day you may morph? Sweetie… don’t let life go by without recognizing when that change has happened. Realizing that you had glorious golden wings attached all along… 🙂

    Keep writing my dear…

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