I am on a mission to clear up Monday’s name, to make Monday T.G.I.M. I mean, why does Friday get all the good T.G.I.F. press? I say Abba are to blame with their “Monday Monday” song. “Can’t trust that day”?! C’mon dudes. <a href=”“> Then, The Bangles didn’t help with Manic Monday.<a href=”“>The Boomtown rats neither with “I Don’t Liike Mondays” that plays on “House”. “>

But, hey, Jimmy Buffett got it right with <a href="“>  That’s one for the gipper !

So let’s work at glorifying Monday, shall we? Look at it this way. We survived another weekend. Monday is moon day. Monday’s child is fair of face. Monday is traditionally laundry day. OK, not so much. Cooking on Monday will improve magics for creativity, insight, maternal nature, and goddess-related efforts. ~Quote from Magickal Martha. We’re beginning a week of Great Work.

What are your reasons for liking Monday? I’d love to hear from you.


6 responses to “T.G.I.M.

  1. Monday is the first day of my recovery from the weekend, which I find infinitely more tiring than the working week.. and, there is always a sense of renewal on a Monday.. I like renewal.

    Mostly, though it’s a bit naughty of me, I secretly enjoy the fact that everyone else struggles with the Monday blues, which I simply don’t.. er, except, it’s not ‘secretly’, anymore, ‘cos I just told you..

    Rather like Mickey, Monday Rourkes..

    🙂 G. (er, @tindle)

    • “Every poet knows the pun is Pierian, that it springs from the same soil as the Muse. a matching and shifting of vowels and consonants, an adroit assonance sometimes derided as jackassonance.” Louis Untermeyer 😉

      I think you and I are of the same ilk, George. Let’s see how many we can convert 🙂

  2. Hey any post that’s got a Jimmy Buffett video has got my vote.

    Ay, Monday, Tuesday, whatever day. It’s all good!

    Congrats on getting your blog game back on!


  3. What a beautiful song!

    I like Monday because it’s a fresh start, a chance to do better on some of the things I didn’t do so great last week. 😉

    Actually I find it proportionate to whether or not I took Sabbath rest (spiritual and recreational) during the weekend–if I work all weekend, I hit Monday stressed that there’s still more work to do! But when I relax Fri-Sun, Mondays rock. 🙂

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