Boobie video

I thought I’d shift the focus off cancer to the breast part of “October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

When I was growing up, my mom didn’t talk about breasts at all. It wasn’t her fault; I guess her Mom didn’t tell her about the birds and bees. My best friend’s mom referred to breasts as buzzums, so when I came across this funny audio I thought I’d share it with you. You’ll see a really young David Letterman on the game show. What a hoot ! Or is that hooters?

Well, whether we refer to them as breasts, buzzums, knockers or hooters, this is the month to enforce the habit of doing regular BSE’s, Breast Self-Examination. Early detection = better chance of survival


30 responses to “Boobie video

  1. Oh my! Thigh-slapping times back then when you said ‘boobs’. I’d forgotten all about our 60s prissiness. What fun! And get David Letterman!!

  2. Fabulous blog on boobs! We called them booms, tits, nummies, boulders, my one breast is a breast an the one reconstructed I call a nub…it is all relative is it not? Thank you for being here!!

    Love to all of us!

  3. My mother had breast cancer at age 30. They chopped off her breast, surrounding tissue and muscle and left a mess. My brother and I learned about it early in life, when folks didn’t really talk about these things. But I was fortunate to learn about it, see the surgery site and receive an early education about breast cancer and prevention. No matter what you call them, they matter and so do you and so do all of those we’ve lost because of a lack of awareness of prudence. Thanks for the humor and thanks for calling attention to this. Save the boobies, titties, ta tas, girlz, whatever. Just do the deed, right!? Blessings and health.

  4. Bless you and your brother, Liz. Yes, breast cancer can strike at such a young age. However, your mom, no matter how mutilated, is a survivor and let us applaud her courage. Humour yes. Whatever it takes to bring attention to the cause. Bless you and the best of health to you too !

  5. Kasabbas was my favorite. I ask all the women in my life, from time to time, if they’ve had anyone wearing a white coat squeeze theirs lately.

    They’ve come to expect it from me.

  6. We’ve come a long way, baby. Thank goodness diagnostics have improved so greatly. Scenarios like the one Liz’s mother went through don’t have to exist anymore as long as we access the education and tests modern medicine has made widely available to us. Thanks for the reminder.

    • You’re so right. At my Breast Clinic, a woman can have her mammogram & if needed, an ultrasound and biopsy all the same day, alleviating that waiting time between tests, which can be a killer on the nerves.

  7. We call them “the girls”. And it’s important to get to know your own boobs, because boobs are kind of lumpy, and you got to know when your lumps are different, or when different lumps show up.
    Boobs are great.

  8. The first time I had noticeable breasts was when I was 32 years old and pregnant. I never referred to them as anything that I recall–but I do remember an old boyfriend commenting on how small they were once and then in a very sweet voice he said, “That’s OK–because more than a handful is wasted.”

  9. What a great post and contributing comments. Love the video! They’re ‘boobies’ in this household and they do get spoken about openly. Wishing good health to all women.

  10. I was lucky my Mum was a nurse, told us everything very matter of factly & called a spade a spade! So they were breasts growing up, & breasts they remain. Love the video !

  11. It is important to get support if you ever find an abnormality in your breasts – know those boobies, ladies! Don’t wait. Some breast cancers can be very aggressive, and spread quickly. My neighbor died at 33 and left 4 kids the same ages as mine. Heartbreaking.

  12. I guess I called them’ boobies’ when I was young. My little sister and her friend called them ‘berbeeps’.
    I come from a family (on my mom’s side) of ample ‘boobage’ and unfortunately breast cancer was known to a few of my grandmother’s sister’s (she had 9) as well as my grandmother. Only one had a mastectomy (as far as I know) and they all survived.
    My mother has had problems with cysts (always benign) for years so I wanted to get a mammogram a couple of years ago but was told I had to wait until I was 40. Somewhat fittingly, I booked my appointment for my first mammogram in October, 5 months in advance so that I could have it 1 week after turning 40. That was 6 months ago. All was fine…the worst part about it was not being able to wear antiperspirant before the appointment. I’ll book my next appointment for a time earlier in the day for this reason. Hmmm…I should make a call this week. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Berheeps, eh? That’s a new one on me, Michelle — and funny ! You were told you had to wait? Yikes. I thought we were in charge of our own bodies. So glad you are fine. BTW, if you use a natural as opposed to a commercial deodorant, it won’t disturb the films. Happy belated birthday ! If you’d like to be accountable to someone, I’m here for you ;/ Let me know when you make your appointment. I’m just making mine for next September. 🙂

  13. Laughter is definitely one of the best medicines! lol And so is being in touch with your body.

    Love & Light,
    Brenda, Medicine Song Woman

  14. Thank you for all you are doing for breast cancer awareness. Someday a cure will be found due to all who pursue it.


  15. Thank you for bringing in the laughter Christine!

    …one of my oldest and dearest friends has been a cancer couch for ….okay okay …we won’t say HOW many years …. the point being you ask???
    Her website is…… !!

    Kristin….You’ve made a huge contribution to the healing for all of us sweetie!
    THANK YOU ! so, so much

    Oops one more thing…..I actually had a “friend” that called ’em “pillows”! ….Don’t ask!

    (Loved seeing young Letterman too… that was an extra treat)

  16. No need to thank me, I heart the humour. First time I hear the term cancer couch. Ouch. I’ve been to your friend’s website. TY. I don’t know that I’ve made a huge contribution, but I do try. You are the sweetest, kindest person, Jeri. Pillows eh? feather or synthetic? JK. Yes, wasn’t young David just the sweetest, eh?

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