The Witchie Hour

All Hallow’s Eve is soon upon us & it harkens me back to memories of my childhood. See, the thing is, I had a hook nose, thanks to my Mohawk Iroquois relatives I think — that, or else, it comes from when I remember my desk top hitting the top of my nose — whatever.

Anyway, when I was a child, I can vividly remember playing Witch in the schoolyard and guess what? Christine was always the witch. Fun at the time, I think, but it left me with an inferiority complex. I couldn’t ride the bus on the sideways bench without thinking that the person next to me was staring at the bump in my nose. No big deal, you say? Well, I beg to differ. It is a big deal for a teenager growing up with all kinds of self-esteem issues at the forefront.

So, after many years of inferiority complex, I finally decided at the age of 35 to do something about my insecurity and sought out a surgeon to do a septo-rhinoplasty. I can still remember the sound of the hammer as it broke the cartilege in my nose.

When I came home from the hospital, all black & blue, my dear Mom said I looked like Barbara Stanwick. I said: “You mean Barbra Streisand?” And Mom replied: “Oh yes, Barbra Streisand”.


10 responses to “The Witchie Hour

  1. I love noses!! All kinds! I think that what is important is to feel good in your own skin…bravo to you for taking the steps to do what makes you feel good about yourself.

  2. That’s so cool! Why suffer when something can be done? I appreciate your honesty and openness about something very personal.

    Love and ,

  3. I had similar image issues before, but I ended up not seeking surgery. I love my nose as it is. But I think it’s important for each person to make his/her choices!

    Hugs and love,

  4. There probably isn’t one person in the world, including all the “beautiful” people that doesn’t have a self-esteem issue related to one part or another, visible or otherwise. You were self-conscious about your nose, so was I. But mine was too small and too ethnic, in my opinion.

    Time can resolve some of these issues, even if it’s just to give us other things to be concerned about or give us families to want to spend our money on instead. What it can mostly give us is perspective, something we have little of as young people and the injuries sustained in those times can linger like bruises under the skin. The emotions can then cloud judgment and obscure perspective, which can also require asking yourself some tough questions and giving yourself honest answers.

    You now have perspective and a learning experience that can be passed along. Maybe it’s a fair trade for a bump?

  5. My 3rd oldest sister went to HS with an extremely smart, very popular, beautiful blonde that had a hook nose. Despite the fact that Jody was beautiful, I think her nose always got in the way of her feeling good about herself. (unlike you, she was a bit (a lot) mean & very sarcastic to others.)

    I think a person has to do whatever it is they need to do for themselves in order to feel good and allow their inner self to manifest, grow & like themselves. I’ll bet anything you were beautiful with that nose, but there are times in our lives when we have to experience the journey in order to appreciate the lesson and see how beautiful you/we/all of us really are, nose and all.


    (btw … I was always a genie, a fairy or an angel for Halloween … Obviously, I need a little diversification! *huge grin*)

  6. Hey, there. I have a nose too. A good, solid, strong Sicilian nose. (“Roman” as one fella who had a crush on me called it..)

    And there was one kid in middle school who asked me if was Jewish, based on that characteristic. I have no idea why that offended me at the time (I was 12, okay? And knew nothing about anti-semitism..) Turned out, he liked me too, and being Greek, had quite the honker himself. So it was a compliment. I think.

    Anyway, yeah, it’s a tender age, and we stake our sense of lovability on things like that before we know better. I’m sorry you felt like you had to make such a change (and more so now that you’ve had second thoughts.) You’re beautiful now, if that makes a difference.. in body and in soul.

    (Now. What to do about my well-endowed rear end? Those comments never really stopped smarting over the years..)

    • Gina, mine as a Roman nose too. TY for the compliment. Feeling good about myself was indeed hard to come by, but so be it. If it’s any consolation, your butt doesn’t look fat in these posts. :/

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