A creepy story for Halloween

When I say creepy, I mean creepy. As in formication, etymologically derived from the Latin word formica, meaning “ant”, precisely because of this similarity in sensation to that of crawling insects. The term has been in use for several hundred years. In the 1797 edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, a description of the condition raphania includes the symptom:

…a formication, or sensation as of ants or other small insects creeping on the parts.

This wonderful peri-menopausal experience happened to me a couple of months after I met my now DH, dear husband. Can you imagine, sitting on the couch, necking as we called it in my youth, and all of a sudden you have the sensation of an army of ants crawling all over your skin. Scratch my back, I pleaded and threw myself upon my stomach across his lap. This happened repeatedly for several months. The funny thing is when I reported the symptom to my gynecologist he had never heard of it. Yo, Doc, get with the program !


4 responses to “A creepy story for Halloween

  1. Oh, how awful that must have been for you, no joke! But, how wonderful that your then boyfriend / now husband stuck around and you can now tell this story.

    My menopause did not cause anything like that, although in between the mostly hot and occasional cold “flash” I did feel like my skin was crawling, for lack of a better term.

    Glad it is over for both of us, lol

    • So you did have the skin crawling syndrome? Mine was excessive. Oh yes, I had the odd cold flash too. My DH is the best. He stuck around through that, we married 5 yrs. later & he stayed by my side through my breast cancer diagnosis 4 yrs after that, surgery & 5-yr. treatment of Tamoxifen. He’s still with me, gratefully, through night sweats too. It ain’t over for me, honey, sorry to say ! Glad for you though. Gives me hope. 🙂

  2. you have yourself a cool, dear dude!

  3. That does sound horrible! I haven’t experienced that, but I have been having hot flashes since I was 40. I think the depo shot might have jump started it.

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