On the sperm of the moment

Have I got your attention? Good. Because this is really important. When I was a young woman, I didn’t have to worry about AIDS. Don’t forget, I grew up as part of the Love Generation. We made love and we didn’t worry. Things are different now; very different.

So I took the pill, my boyfriends didn’t have to worry about condoms. But you know what? On a routine annual pap smear, the results came back not so normal. Pre-cancerous even. That was in 1995. I underwent a cone biopsy for abnormal cervical cells. Result? CINII. Not to be snubbed. Pre-cancerous cells necessitating a cone biopsy. And it’s all blamed on the HPV, Human Papilloma Virus.

The operation itself was a piece of cake. Asleep. What me worry? But the aftermath? At home, I thought I was losing my uterus when in fact it was the surgical gauze that was peaking through. Doctor had not mentioned that would happen. Helllooo!

Fast forward ten years later. Another pap smear. Again, abnormal results. Oy. So I underwent another cone biopsy. This time, CINI. Better. Not as dangerous i.e. advanced a pre-cancerous stage as CINII.

So, I sit here, waiting for the other shoe to drop. As they say in French, jamais deux sans trois (never two without three). I sincerely hope they are wrong. I don’t want to go through that angst and surgery again, thank you very much.

My point here is. Mothers, tell your daughters. HPV vaccine is available. It wasn’t in my day. Consider it? For your sake and expecially for your daughters’.


3 responses to “On the sperm of the moment

  1. It’s important to keep checking, as you aptly point out, regardless the age. In fact, women remain at risk for HPV. Check out this post from Flashfree, ’08. Thanks for raising this issue again!

  2. I’m a single dad with 3 daughters. I’ll tell them too. Thanks for the wake up call…

  3. Wow. Strong post.
    Makes one thing.
    BTW, love the French quote. 🙂

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