I was higher than a kite

On a natural high in the winter of ’83. Can’t remember exactly when or why the euphoria began. The doctors classified my acute disorder as hypomania. Whatever. All I can say is that I was feeling very happy and full of energy. So when I took my parents on a trip to Florida in December, I wasted no time sitting next to the handsome man at the airport gate and striking up a conversation. This paid off when he invited me to sit next to him on the plane which I did. Momma didn’t raise no dumb children. We exchanged phone numbers and he said he’d phone some time that week. He didn’t. Not that I waited or anything 😉 I hoped he would be on the same charter flight home & he was. We sat together again and got to know each other better. Much better 😉 You’ve heard of the mile high club? JK, not that well. John was a police officer in Ottawa and he invited me to visit the next weekend.

When I got to his apartment and saw pictures of his puppies as he called his two young boys. There were also pictures of sailboats and because sailing was a favourite pastime of my late brother Bill, I believed it was he who had lead me to John. We had a fabulous weekend together and I was still dreaming of the possibility of a relationship with John into the New Year 1984. When a friend told me she was planning a trip to Rio de Janiero in February, I jumped at the chance to go with her, even though I had just been on a vacation the month prior. Like I said, higher than a kite and the sky’s the limit !

To be continued.


2 responses to “I was higher than a kite

  1. Wow,

    You were a traveling maniac!

    Oh, I had a great time in the 80s as well. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    To be continued? You bad girl. 🙂


  2. Lol. Love a free soul.
    You weren’t ill, you were more well than most folks ever get. 🙂

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