I’ll give you two days’ notice before I die

That’s what my late mother-in-law told my dear husband on his last visit in November on the occasion of Anyu’s 96th birthday. I remember thinking at the time, hmmm, how will she do that? But knowing she was a powerful lady I thought she just might be privy to some inside information and would somehow some way let us know before the fact.

Fast forward four months. Sadly Anyu broke her leg and although the operation was a success, we believe she just gave in and gave up. She stopped eating. I guess she had had enough. Born in 1912 in Hungary, living through WW2, the revolution in 1956 & the Communist regime must not have been a piece of cake to say the least.

When DH called the doctor to see how long his Mom had left, he replied: I can’t tell you exactly; it could be two days or two months. We did not clue in at the time, but there was Anyu’s two days’ notice.

When I went to sleep on March 4th she came to me in a dream, wearing a crown of beautiful flowers, looking lovely and smiling beatifically. In a second dream we got the phone call that she had died. I comforted Ben and when I walked into my kitchen, still in my dream, there stood my mother-in-law thinking, my work is cut out for me here. She loved nothing more than to cook and to clean. I told my husband my two dreams in the morning & he said it was nice that she was communicating with me. Then the phone rang; it was Hungary telling Ben his mother had just died.

We went to Budapest for the funeral. It was a simple, moving, lovely ceremony for a strong, courageous woman in her 97th year.

RIP, Cecilia Habereiter Karolyne.


14 responses to “I’ll give you two days’ notice before I die

  1. So beautifully written, so beautifully loved.
    *sending you my love*

  2. Thank you, sweet heart. I hadn’t been able to make the visit to Budapest to see my MIL in her last years in the old folks home, so I am truly grateful for her visit to our home in my sleep state. HugZ.

  3. Hi – stumbled acorss you on twitter – read your blog – thanks for that. Noticed in your bio that you worked through your own battles with cancer. I am putting together Camino 4 Cancer to raise some funds for research – i wondered if you could write a few words on guest blog as we move along etc. Anyway let me know – even if its a no so that i know you have read the message. Aside from that keep up the great musing !.

  4. She sounds like a wonderful influence on your life Christine. I’m glad you made it to Budapest for the funeral to pay your respects.

  5. Joanna, she was. Even though we couldn’t speak each other’s language; still, we managed to communicate at the soul level. The a.m. she died Baccarat was staring at the ceiling for the longest time. @intuitivebridge told me he was helping Anyu pass over.

  6. Amazing connection you had with her. It means a great loss, but also a great blessing.

    • Yes, Robyn, I truly cherished her. Very interested in what you tweeted about death bringing us one rung closer to the top of the ladder. But can I be once removed, since Anyu wasn’t my mother, she was my mother-in-law ?

  7. Beautiful obituary.
    Spookily spiritual how she appeared to you for a last (?) goodbye.

  8. I’ve often thought people decided when it’s time to go, though I’m not sure how that would work.. I was trained as a scientist, and I’m not supposed to give much credence to other worldly stuff, but, I guess, if it’s in your nature to be open minded, as it is with me, stories like yours are hard to dismiss, out of hand.

    It would be nice to think your Mother in law came to you, to let you know she wanted to leave this world, and say goodbye.. It’s a comforting thought. I think it’s rather nice, to leave it as just that…

    George Bolam

  9. Beautiful story and memory. You a an open soul and I’m sure the story

  10. …will be of comfort to your family. I’ve experienced more than my share of death over the years . I can say that everyone shaped me and each had their own “story and miracle” that comforted us, you are obviously a special person that connected with a kind, string and beautiful soul. Take heart, her journey has just begun and ours is yet to come. đŸ™‚ Peace.

  11. Despite the fact that you wrote this post months ago just had to respond. A few weeks before my mother went into a coma I had this extremely disturbing dream in which she was sleeping in her bed in the house I grew up in. In the dream she conveyed to me that she was very very lonely and the spirit of my Dad was also in the dream. At the time I woke up very upset because the feelings that were expressed to me seemed like more than a dream. My Mom died about 2 months later. Till this day 2 years on I still haven’t forgotten the dream. Perhaps some of us have telepathic abilities between those individuals who are very close to us and I believe my Mom was communicating to me in that dream.

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