I always wanted to be a redhead

The tour guide makes the tour in my estimation. Like Donalda in PEI. Her anecdote about growing up in a large family on a farm and how her Mom made underwear out of bleached Robin Hood flour bags for her seven brothers and sisters and herself until her sister bent over one day & the boys at school laughed out loud at the “99% pure” on her derriere.

Oh, and how do you like me as a redhead?


8 responses to “I always wanted to be a redhead

  1. Very sweet….and glad we didn’t get into any obvious japes about Plain or Self Raising!
    Yes you look fabulous as a redhead, although I am wondering just where the hat stops and you start!?
    Still to tell you my tale of the orange pin…

  2. My obtuse and obscure clue based nudge and wink plan hasn’t worked!
    I have added you to my Skype and sent you a brief message…feel free to join me but as I said if you would rather not that is cool we can remain friends via blip and here…

  3. I could think of many adjecties for you other than obtuse and obscure. 🙂

  4. How adorable…I finally took a moment to check out your redheaded self 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!
    J (aka scotlandlover)

  5. It looks good on you! It matches your effervescent smile, too!

  6. Thank you, J. It’s the braids !

  7. Thanks, Marianna. Feelin’ a change is due. Might just do it — today !

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