Size DOES matter


5 responses to “Size DOES matter

  1. Oh how sweet such a small building next to that normal sized violin! :>D

  2. 😛 There used to be a miniature village in PEI, but it’s gone now (:

  3. Just maybe it hasn’t gone but in the same way that the things you liked as a child now look so small perhaps it just seemed bigger but is in fact invisibly small :>D
    ((David takes a breath and another of those ‘special’ tablets))

  4. David, I’ll have to look in my old photo albums to see if I haven’t a picture from 45 years ago when I was in Cavendish, PEI with my first boyfriend 🙂

  5. Wow….that would be great – and to see you aged 4 with your ickle boy friend! :>D

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