That’s not Gaelic

When I think of Nova Scotia I remember that my dear aunt Margaret had recounted how her Dad was killed in the awful Halifax explosion of 1917. Getting off the bus at the cruise terminal after our tour, I thought I would share my story with our guide.

Her sweet reply was a blessing (phonetically) “Kejevubenis”. I had to ask her to repeat, thinking she was speaking Gaelic, and then I heard the French “Que Dieu vous benisse”.

There really are kind people in this world.


2 responses to “That’s not Gaelic

  1. How sweet
    Have to confess my French is a bit lost in 1977
    When my Schoolboy French lessons et fini…he he see!
    I also had to look up God too for the same reasons! ;>D

    ((bits of this are maybe more true than other bits!))


  2. Best way to learn French is to get a French girlfriend 😉

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