The best-laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley

TRH the Duke & Duchess of York, aka Will & Kate, made the grand PEI resort famous recently. I almost took my elderly parents there for a holiday in the ’80s. Dalvay-By-The-Sea.

It had always been Mom’s dream to visit PEI since the days she used to sail closeby with her New Brunswick boyfriend when she was young. So when Mom was on a respirator in ICU for the umpteenth time because of her COPD, I promised her that when she came out of hospital that summer I would take her and Dad to a PEI resort. She was so happy.

Dad was too. Repeating over and over, when are we going to the beach? When are we going to the beach? You see, Dad’s cognitive abilities were being comprised, a result of Alzheimer’s.

Our flight was delayed because the oxygen I had ordered for the plane did not arrive. Seven hours in the airport with a recovering Mom an and an impatient Dad do not a good day make. Nevertheless, we arrived at Charlottetown airport late in the evening after two plane rides.

I drove our rental car to Dalvay-By-The-Sea, checked in and was given the key to the last room available, Room #13. Right then and there I should have known we were in for trouble.

No elevator, so I dragged two suitcases up a long flight of stairs, and opened the door to our room with a view. It was dark so you couldn’t really see the ocean but I knew it was out there. Mom and I flopped our tired bodies down on the bed. Dad on the other hand was agitated. He looked out the window and his voice raised, exclaimed “I’m seventy-three years old and I’ve never seen this place before!” Then he began pounding on the thin walls. My Mom and I looked at each other in desperation, knowing then and there we could not stay, so we closed the tops of our unpacked suitcases and left the hotel.

Luckily the airline was able to accommodate me with a compassionate return flight. All the way home, poor Dad would look at us and ask “When are we going to the beach? When are we going to the beach?” A tear ran down Mom’s cheek.


6 responses to “The best-laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley

  1. Yes…how good are you to try to make their dreams come to life.
    Shame it worked out as it did but life does seem to do that often…
    Life is a winding road that sometimes doesn’t seem to take you were you plan.
    By the way…I love the pic…
    I think you could offer it to Sir Paul for the Abbey Road remaster!
    I love the sea or the Ocean as it tends to be known your side…
    I always try to spend my birthday there…This year I am off to celebrate with my two lovely sisters, Gill and Sandra, and my dear Mam…

    Thanks for the sweet story

    David x

  2. TYSM, David. I cannot take credit for the pic which was taken by the Resort. I asked them if I could use their pic in my post & they graciously agreed. You will enjoy your birthday celebration with family I am sure.

  3. Yes…I am finally 50!
    Still feel 15 but have the life scares to prove the higher score…
    Looking forward to having a family day tomorrow (rehearsal kinda!) then the very real thing on Wednesday…
    Shame my kids can’t make it…but I am so happy to be able to share my special day with my Mam & sisters…

    Ole Dave :>Dx

  4. Happy solar return day a few days early, David ! Half-a-century deserves some kinda celebration !

  5. G’day Christine,

    It’s been too long since we caught up!

    I love the post. Most people don’t understand the hassles of trying to organize even the simple things when dealing with an Alzheimer sufferer, let alone trying to organize flights and holidays. Thanks for sharing….


  6. A long overdue thank-you, Allan for your thoughtful comment. Our connection will always last the test of time. Light, Love & Blessings, Christine

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