Summertime and the living is anything but easy

How can it be when your two-year old baby daughter is dying? When my favourite cousin called me one week ago to give me the news about her little grand-daughter Stella, I burst into tears. Marilyn had been putting off telling me because I am a new grandmother. Such selflessness is in her nature. If she had let me know sooner, I could have started praying for a miracle sooner because the doctors’ July diagnosis of a malignant brain tumour is terminal and they have given Stella three months to live. But I am not giving up hope. If you would care to read Stella’s story and send her and her mothers Mishi and Aimee and all the family heart energy, I will be forever grateful …


8 responses to “Summertime and the living is anything but easy

  1. So terribly sad.I shall dedicate my evening puja to little Stella and her mums.Om Shanti x

  2. Bless you and thank you. Namaste x

  3. Life is so painfully cruel…
    I send whatever futile love and comforting hugs I can…
    I did go to the website and was moved to see the pictures of beautiful Stella…hence my blip to you…
    I didn’t at that point leave a message as it feels immensely personal but given your view of the combining power of Worldly love I will go back and so do…
    Your video (playing now as I write this is perfect…I am on the verge of tears…and wish I could cry to get out this feeling of awful powerlessness)
    All I can wish you is my love and hope that which ever fates conspired to give such a cruel thing to such a beautiful and innocent child as Stella, find the heart to give mercy in the face of such torturous tragedy…
    Big loving hugs Christine
    Your friend always here if i can offer any solace
    David xxx

  4. Muse..Christine..not sure,
    I am getting on my knees to ask God to comfort this child, her caring family, and you. Not trying to intrude but please call Duke University Medical Center who specialize in brain cancers. I lost my sister-in-law less than a year ago so I understand how devestating this diagnosis can be.
    Your Blip.FM friend,
    HowieWard (Howard)

  5. ncvibes aka Patti Connelly

    Hi Christine,

    Tragedies in life are so painful and when it touches your own family it is magnified beyond measure. I’m lifting up prayers for Stella and your whole family. I left them a message on the website in prayer support. Wishing you all courage, comfort, peace, and most of all healing for little Stella.

  6. You are an angel, Patti and I thank you for your kindess. Blessings !

  7. Sending prayers wrapped in white light to beautiful Stella and her mommies.

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