Letter to my (2nd) cousin Aimee

Dear Aimee & Mishi,

Aimee, this is your cousin Christine, aka Christiny Jelly Beany – so nicknamed by your Mom Marilyn – my fav cousin. When Marl gave me the news about Stella at the end of August, I cried. Marl didn’t give me the news sooner because of her unselfish nature in view of the fact that I am a new grandmother myself. Not a day has gone by since then that I have not prayed for a miracle for Stella & prayed for you, Mishi & all the family. I have many many followers & listeners on Twitter & BLIPFM where my alias is musecrossing. I wrote a post on my blog Caution Muse Crossing, http://www.canadianchristine.wordpress.com. Several healers at the Distant Healing Network are also sending prayers & healing thoughts daily for Stella & sending you & Mishi strength. Aimee, your parents chose the best name for you. Please remember that you are loved like no other. I love you, Aimee.


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