What I did for love of Stella Joy

Blipathon wrapup

Submitted by Christine aka musecrossing on Sep 27, 2011

Update from the blipstarz.net Blipaton on Sunday, Sept 25.

Sunday September 25th began first in the Southern Hemisphere. My fellow DJ’s down under were first to spin songs for Stella and her Moms. 13 hours l8r, my friends in the Northern Hemisphere took the torch & carried on. All through the day, so many of them laid their hearts on the line, urging their listeners to send love to the family & if possible a donation of any amount, a dime, the cost of a cup of coffee, whatever.

I spent almost all day on the computer, watching blips float by from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands and Germany and spinning my own songs for Stella Joy.

As my dear friend DJ DavidL1313 from Layfield, U.K. noted: “Can you feel the love from across the universe?” and I could.

These words of my friend & DJ in Wales, Shanti01 sums up the day very well:”heart warming love given 2 a little girl most of us will never know. Music is love, blipstars.”

A special thanks to Angie74 of Blipstarz for making our day possible, once I let her know my wish.

Too many contributors to mention, but I cannot forget atheDJ, battlady, bellbtmblues, cpcdiniz, c3p0, Dancer12, damntheman, dangeloflove, diamondgal, donnadontplay, ear4you, ellendiane, howieward, keithold, ladypyn, lilwldchld, love4me, mizhelena, msmercurial, OrganicSue, rocket1206, scotlandtartanlover, shellsie, streamingmimi, sweet chayenne, AmyisImaginary, ncvibes, Vilesy & pls forgive me if I have left you out.

When I woke in the night unable to sleep I looked up at the firmament which usually is covered with so much smog you cannot see the stars. But last night, they shone brightly, for Stella, our star. I think she felt the love.

Light, Love & Blessings
Christine aka musecrossing


4 responses to “What I did for love of Stella Joy

  1. So glad the mass blip love from around the World joined together as one
    Anyone who read of Stella Joy’s desperate plight could not help but be moved to want to send love and support for your family.
    Sometimes when things seem so hopeless it is love that lights the way
    …and of course in the darkest night it is the beauty of a tiny star that lifts our hearts,
    make the poets write
    …and the musicians sing
    Love Light and Peace :>Dx

  2. Oh, David, you say the kindest and brightest things — bright like starlight ! Bless you ! In Love & Light, Christine X

  3. Christine, what you have done and continue to do for baby Stella and her parents is such a gift! If it had not been for you, I, and countless others, would not have known about their heartbreaking plight, and we would not have been able to send our love and support to all of you.

    Stella needs a miracle, yes, and yet Stella IS a miracle. She is a miracle of love that will never leave her family or any of us. We have been touched by the twinkle in her eyes and the beauty in her smile.

    Thank-you so much for giving me the opportunity to ‘meet’ precious baby Stella Joy.

    With love and hope,

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