Happy Birthday, Dad

98 years old today ! This call for a celebration. I have the tea on for you because you never did like a drink.

You know, Dad, I don’t remember celebrating your birthdays when you were on earth. I wonder why that is?! I guess because you never wanted a fuss made about you.

As a little girl, I’m sure I sat on your lap on your birthday like on so many other days.

I know you are having a party tonight in heaven with Mom and Bill and all of your departed relatives and the angels & seraphim. I wish I could be there with you, Dad, but for now I cannot. Nevertheless, my birthday gift to you today is my unending love. That doesn’t surprise you, does it, Dad? 🙂

I am planning a really big party for your 100th birthday in 2014. But until then, kisses and hugs from your “little dolly”.

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6 responses to “Happy Birthday, Dad

  1. Beautiful true love Christine…
    Such a special thing to celebrate – made me get something in my eyes!
    Hugs to you dear friend :>Dx

  2. TY, David. I was and always will be Daddy’s girl and I miss him every single day. xox

  3. Beautiful!

  4. beautiful and heart warming

  5. It warms the heart to read your dad’s birthday greeting.

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