But what about next month?!

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So, we are nearing the end of October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Alright, already,  I’m aware, having celebrated my 15th cancerversary in May.  But here’s the thing.  All over the media we are being bombarded with BCA — on the Today Show we are following the heroic journey of Julie London, TV anchorwoman and we see the picture of her bald and beautiful head on the cover of People magazine.

I hope this will make us take the matter of breast cancer more seriously. Don’t be afraid to check your own boobies for changes; that’s how I discovered the tiniest pea-sized lump in my breast in 1999 with my dear husband’s help.

And guess what? I am not out of the woods yet. In April, my yearly mammogram came back abnormal.  My ultrasound appointment is just before Christmas.  My dear husband will accompany me to my appointment because that’s what a man does, a man who loves you completely.

I hope and pray that I shall walk out of the examination room with a smile on my face and an audible sigh of relief.  But if I do not; he will be there for me, to hold my hand to the next room for perhaps a biopsy.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

If I can leave you with one message, it is do not be afraid. Do BSE, talk to you doctor if you have any questions whatsoever and trust, just trust.

2 responses to “But what about next month?!

  1. #LOVEWAVES and more BLESSINGS than U can count!!!!

  2. Show no fear! I had a large tumour on the back of my tongue, that manifested itself by a lump in my neck. When I was diagnosed with tongue cancer my partner was with me and would not let me be afraid. I survived a 13 hour operation, my tongue was rebuilt with a flap of muscle and vein from my arm. I couldn’t speak for many months after and had difficulty eating, I used to feed myself through a large syringe into my stomach, after a gastroscopy. I turned down the offer of radiotherapy because of the side effects. It’s ten years past now, I am able to eat and most people understand my speech. Sadly my wife passed away two years ago, she supported me through my cancer journey and I supported her through her failing health.. Best wishes Stephen (Radiobread)

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