Bootiful Sofia wants to make your acquaintance

“Nana nana nana my 3 y.o. granddaughter squealed as I peak-a-BOOd around the door on All Hallow’s Eve. Sofia jumped into my arms, thrilled to see me, almost knocking off my witch’s hat. “You’re a witch!” she yelped. “But where’s the rest of your costume? You have to be dressed all in black, she sadly admonished, then happily figured it out: You must be a pumpkin witch! That’s it! A pumpkin witch!!

Wanna come downstairs with me to see the pumpkins Daddy carved?”

At supper, I sat beside her & she asked me to cut her slice of pizza into pieces so she could eat it with a fork. From a very young age, she has been a neat freak, unlike her nana.  Wide-eyed, she recounted stories of her time at day care and more of her little life’s experiences prefacing it with “When I was a baby…..”. I smiled. Then a little while later, “Nana can you feed me?” she asked, tugging at my heart strings.

“So, you’re Cat Lady tonight, Sofia?”, I asked. “No”, she corrected:  :cat woman. and baby Charles (our grandson, her 28-month old brother) is Spiderman.”

So off we went with Mommy & Daddy leading the way and Ben, Zadie & I following suit.

After we were all trick or treated out, Ben &I took our leave, and Sofia expressed one more wish to her nana: “Will you come to my birthay party, Nana? You will, won’t you?!” Sofia turns 4 next Marchn 17th, St. Patrick’s Day.null


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