Are you coming to bed, dear?

It was Christmas night and those were the last words I uttered before I missed the first step and tumbled down 14 stairs to land flat on my face on the marble floor.

My husband said I looked like a splayed frog. He rushed to pick me up as I screamed and cried in agony. It is no wonder the neighbours didn’t call the police. The paramedics were wonderful. Thank God for their skilled hands and patience. They placed a collar to immobilize my neck and slowly moved my broken body onto a board and stretcher.

Arriving by ambulance, I was treated immediately in Emergency. I cannot say thank you enough to the resident doctors and nurses on duty that night. What a vocation !

X-rays & CTScans ascertained a burst fracture of T-12, the last thoracic verterbra in my spine. There was talk initially of surgery but on Dec. 26th I was discharged with medication for the pain and a prescription for a body brace that I am to wear at all times for the next three months.

I was to see the spine doctor on Jan. 7th, but, alas, he is not back from holiday until Jan. 14th when I have an appointment to see him.
They will do another standing x-ray that will be compared to the one they took Christmas night to determine the plan of action.

Feeling broken but not beaten, I shall persevere and remain patient.

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